In a reversed America, the last American patriot is on a mission to assassinate the last American president.

Mere America is a novel that takes place in an alternate America, one in which the New World is geographically reversed east-to-west. The name Mere America was chosen for a number of reasons:

1) In this timeline, the colonists from Europe had a much tougher time of it, since they had to contend with the Rocky Mountains instead of the Appalachians. One result of this is that the United States is a much smaller country; so in that sense, America is mere.

2) The word mere also calls to mind the word "mirror", which is apt since the geography of America is mirror-reversed. There are other reversed things in this scenario: for example, Richard Nixon is the first president of a communist nation to visit the United States, rather than the first US President to visit a communist nation (China).

The novel is in progress, and I'm using this blog as a place to post rough drafts, as well as background material like timelines, genealogies, maps, essays on the alternate history and my rationale behind it, etc. Comments and feedback are warmly welcomed!