Saturday, July 3, 2010

August 1918

Aug 1918

Dearest Dorothy,

I am writing to you from the naval base at Gibraltar. It is really terribly hot, and we do not have enough water, but this is nothing new. I just thank God I am not in the army! The U-boats are bad enough, but it's better than dying like a rat in a trench.

I have to tell you that morale is not so good here. Paris has not fallen, but everyone says now that we have lost the Marne, it is only a matter of time. For a while it looked like the Yanks would save us, but President Wilson did not enough troops. We got 50,000; we would have needed at least 300,000, I think. Why the Yankees think they can fight wars against the Germans and the reds both at once, I have no idea. The Germans are plenty enough for us all, now that the Russians are out of the war.

Speaking of the reds, I heard yesterday that that red man Bright Path has been selected keeper of the council fires, or whatever they call their big chief over there. I was told this is the same man called Jim Thorpe who won so many events for the reds in the Olympics last time. Is this true? I can't believe it! To be sure he was a magnificent athlete, it's something you would expect from savages, but to lead a whole nation of Indians? They are sure to collapse of mismanagement in a few years; that would be the time for the United States to invade them. Not now, when Europe is burning!!

I know things are bad for you back home, too. I have heard that there are protests and riots against the war in some places? I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with American geography, but I think I heard Savannah mentioned. That's nowhere near where you are in Idaho, is it? Please stay safe, and when the war is over we will find a quiet place in America and settle down.

When the war is over! It looks like it will not be long now, for good or ill. I pray it is over soon, whoever wins -- may God forgive me.

Love always,

Darien Wyatt

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